Digital Library​

- Enterprise content management

Digital library or ECM for short is a solution designed to manage all documents in an enterprise. By converting static vouchers, documents, and records into dynamic information stored on the computer. Along with automating the process to ensure documents are smooth from start to finish, to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

Receive & Synthesize information​

​OCR ( Optical character recognition ) technology supports all structured formats like world, excel, xml, inv,... to unstructured like images, pdf files, technical drawings, etc.

Compiled from all sources such as:

  • ​Upload files directly to the system
  • Scanner
  • ​Emails are automatically retrieved (links, attachments, content,...)
  • ​Drive, configure once and the robot will execute sequentially
  • ERP system, electronic invoices, taxes, customs,....​

Search & distribution​

​Documents after processing are classified based on artificial intelligence (AI/ML), information is brought to the right person, in the right storage place at the right time.

​Documents can be shared via email, url,... with detailed authorization information. Departments work together in a timely and quick manner.

​Searching is easy when all information is stored in one place.

​Integrates with ERP systems such as SAGE, SAP, SUN, ODOO,... Tax reporting, customs declaration software Ecus,...

Information Management & Security​

​No more fear of losing, getting lost, or revealing business secrets. It's all in one place and securely protected throughout the life of the document with each version.

Records are managed according to the lifecycle from creation until destruction, or stored in a secure location. 

​Information is safe with access permissions assigned to each type of document, department, object, and sensitive information. All user actions are traced.

Intelligent automation​

ECM  automates repetitive manual processing steps, from acquisition to business processes..

Automatic collection from mail, drive,... saves time for checking and waiting for processing.

Combined with the Business process automation platform (Business process automation) accelerates business development and operations. Business processes such as comparing documents and records quickly and accurately. 

Flow of information smoothly across departments and related subjects​

Reporting & Strategy​

All static information is transformed into valuable dynamic information, numbers transformed into reports represented by visual charts. 

​Data analysis tool using artificial intelligence from Digiforce produces predictions to help administrators guide strategy, business expansion, and sustainable development

“The new approach to issuing contracts and processing claims has brought significant benefits. The ability to digitize and streamline many aspects of customer interactions, from policy procurement to claims submission and management makes it much easier for customers to do business with us. This will help us increase satisfaction and loyalty, while gaining a valuable advantage over our competitors. We see our investment in Digiforce solutions as a game-changing differentiator in the market".

Mr Lê Minh Trí - General manager Insuria Vietnam.

Increase personnel efficiency​

Luồng thông tin thông suốt từ đầu đến cuối nhanh chóng, đúng người, đúng nơi và đúng thời điểm. 

Không còn mất thời gian cho việc đi lại, tìm kiếm dẫn đến căng thẳng, không tập trung. Không còn xung đột về trách nhiệm cho những sai sót mất, lộ thông tin.

mprove customer relations​

Satisfy customers with quick and accurate request processing time.

Improve business position in the fiercely competitive market. 

Cost optimization​

Increasing productivity and reducing staff working time is the perfect way to help you optimize costs.​

Save on traditional physical storage, you do not need an expensive internal warehouse, and do not need mental and health costs for employees working in a storage environment that carries many harmful effects such as dust and chemicals.

Sustainable Development​

Talking numbers and visual charts give leaders an overview and make accurate decisions for the future, increasing efficiency and profits for the business. 

It is no longer difficult to expand a business to a global scale.

Digital Library

  ISO 23081 & TCVN 12199

Automate sales accounting​

Support for order management, inventory checking, sales confirmation, warehouse delivery notes, automatic interaction with sales invoice software, processing email credit reports from banks, cross-checking to confirm payment invoice.

Automate purchase accounting​

Support the management of purchase requests, input invoices, warehouse documents or volume acceptance records, payment requests